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Checking your domain history

If you just found yourself a great domain name, especially if it’s a .com – chances are it’s already been picked up before. The following questions are probably (or at least should be) racing in your mind right now: Was there a website under my domain in the past?What was it about?Why was it dropped?Was it used for shady activities and is on spam blacklists?Has Google marked the domain with some penalty and that’s why the previous owner dropped it?Are there links on the web pointing to my domain?Your newly acquired domain may already have an existing reputation, both among machines (like search engines and spam lists) and among humans (in the form of existing links and mentions of the domain around the web). It’s important to find out your domain history so to know if you should take any rectifying actions to clean up its reputation, or, in extreme cases, decide not to host your website under that name at all. So here is what to look for, and how. Websites previously hosted on your domainThere is an easy and free way to see what pages were hosted on your domain in the past – just type in your domain name on, and browse the results. If there are no results to show, your domain may be fresh (although it’s also possible that the previous owner blocked the archive-bot from crawling his domain). If you do see websites which were hosted under your domain name in the past, you should try to judge if they had malicious content. How do you go about identifying ‘bad’ or spammy...